Diamondback Airboats 2016 Visit

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Its another year! 2017 is here folks! We are that much closer to bringing SeaSpray Airboats to the Bahamas!! The excitement is building but of course the work is far from done. In November of last year we made a follow-up visit to Diamondback Airboats. What almost feels like a yearly pilgrimage, this time, we signed off on the approved airboat design, customizations and build time table.

What’s a visit to Diamondback without a tour of the warehouse. Scooter took us around this time (Tommy was busy but it was still great to see him), we got to check out some of their latest and ongoing projects. Every time feels like the fist time when you see a DiamondBack Airboat up close and personal! another great visit in the bag, now the waiting begins. ARE YOU EXCITED AS YET?.. Because we sure are!

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