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Captain Newton a.k.a “Capt. Al” is the fonder President of SeaSpray Tours. He’s an avid mariner with 10 years of active service in the Bahamian military (Royal Bahamas Defense Force)
Capt. Al loves the outdoors and feels most at home in the ocean. He first got introduced to airboating upon his return from Naval College back in 2011 and he sees the niche airboating industry as a cultural game changer in the Bahamian touring experience and as a means of pushing beyond the boundaries of the shallow seas and in to unchartered terrain such as the vase mangrove and creek systems scattered throughout the islands of the Bahamas. With a strong passion for people and a love for adventure special emphasis are placed on making each SeaSpray experience unique and memorable.

Delano Gray is one of the high energy team members and Airboat Captains at SeaSpray. He’s a charismatic fitness enthusiast who loves to workout, he has about 9 years experience in the tourism industry and is also a certified EMT who has a passion for helping others. Capt. Delano fell in love with airboats from the moment he laid eyes on them and is one of a hand full of certified airboat captains in the Bahamas.

Arguably the most colorful team member, Kelvin is the ultimate peoples person and “aqua-man”. Kelvin is no stranger to the sea as he is a very skillful marine repair technician and an experience life guard with over 10 years in the service and hospitality industry to match. Kelvin hands down is the guy you want to stick close to while in the water and not just because he is naturally a strong swimmer but he also the ultimate underwater guide and a free dive.

  • Emmit Dixon
    Emmit Dixon Booking Agent (P.I.)

    Insta @emmit242

Emmit is our Paradise Island beaches booking agent. He’s the youngest SeaSpray team member yet equally as knowledgeable and hard working. He’s no stranger to the ocean and sometimes operates and a deck assist on our tours. With a formal background in the marina construction field his work ethics and skills pales only in comparison to his people friendly persona and keen character.

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