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Paradise Look Out

A small, vibrant marine ecosystem with all sorts of surprises for its explorers It is located at the western tip of Paradise Island. It is nestled near the eastern entrance of Nassau Harbor and is open to the Atlantic Ocean. This location gives tour goers an excellent view of the Northern face of Atlantis and its right at the foot of the Paradise Island Light house.

Sandals Reefs

One of the Bahamas’ most popular snorkel sites. These reefs runs adjacent to the eastern coast of Sandal Resort Private Island and is fill with energy and a variety of native fish. This snorkel site boasts a high population of lean snappers and yellow tails and many other tropical fish.

Long Cay Reefs

These vibrant reefs are home to rays, turtles and many different species of ferns and colorful corals. It is home to some of the bigger reef fish with deeper waters nearby. These reefs lays approximately 1 ½ miles of the coast of Cable Beach.

Athol Island Reef

An island favorite perfect for drift snorkeling that is filled with shallow reef systems and lots to see the water clarity and colors are abound and unmatched! These reefs are speckled along the coast of the Athol Island Private Getaway.

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